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Photo Project"Personal Enclosures"- Master thesis

„Personal enclosures”

Its been 18 years since Romanian Revolution , since the communist system has been replaced with the capitalist one, since we acceded to new. It seems that some things change very hard. Although the communist regime during Ceausescu’s dictatorship belong to the past, it is yet alive in many peoples soul. The indulgency of our society keeps his memory alive by leaving untouched lots of habitual elements that surround us.

Every one of us keeps inside the past brand remembered…The photos from this series wants to bring into the light what we normally keep deep inside, into the soul, the invisible part of our personality. I think that the main appropriation for the past regime is about enclosures, frustrations, setbacks. Each work from this series tries a visual metaphor meant to provoke each one to analyze its own “personal enclosures”

Personal CV

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

First name / Surname: Andreea Cobuz
Address: Foxbury Farm, Stone Street, Seal, Sevenoaks, TN150LW
Telephone: Mobile: 07523638807

Nationality: Romanian

Date of birth: 16.04.1983

Gender: Female

Desired employment / Occupational field: Art Painter, Art Restorer

Work experience:

Dates: 2002-2010 onwadrs
Occupation or position held: Artist
Main activities and responsibilities: Painting, Drawing, Photo, Art projects, EXhibitions
Name and address of employer: Personal activity, personal workshop, Iasi, Romania
Type of business or sector: Visual Arts

Dates: 2003-2008
Occupation or position held: Decorative (religious) painter(fresco technique)
Main activities and responsibilities: Drawing, Painting after a strict ikonographic program, gold
Name and address of employer: "Axa Art"Foundation, Stefan cel Mare Road, no.24, Iasi,
Romania 700497
Type of business or sector: Religious Mural Decorations

Dates: 2007-2008
Occupation or position held: Medieval Mural Painting Restorer
Main activities and responsibilities: Preservation and Restoration of remaining painting from a
Medieval Church, Popauti Monastery, Romania
Name and address of employer: "Success srl", G.Enescu Avenue, Botosani, Romania
Type of business or sector: Patrimony Murals Restoration

Education and training

Dates: 2007-2009
Title of qualification awarded: Master
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Thesis Title: “Personal Enclosures”, a photo
project that shows in a contemporary artistic way
the frustrations that social situation give me. Is a
technical project too, shows the photo technique used.
Name and type of organisation providing education and training: “G.Enescu ”Art University,
Iasi, Romania
Level in national or international classification:

Dates: 2003-2006
Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor of Arts
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Drawing, Painting Techniques, Photo Technigues,
Teaching lessons
Name and type of organisation providing education and training: University of Arts, "G.Enescu"
Iasi, Romania

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue: Romanian

Other language(s), Self-assessment


Writing : Proficient user(C2)*
Listening: Proficient user(C1) *
Reading: Proficient user(C2) *
Spoken interaction: Independent user(B2)*
Spoken production: Proficient user(C1) *


Listening: Basic user(A2)*
Reading: Basic user(A2)*
Spoken interaction: Basic user(A2)*
Spoken production: Basic user(A2)*
Writing: Basic user(A2)*
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Social skills and competences
Team work: I have work in various types of teams, research teams, working team on
Restoration sits and Painting teams

Organisational skills and competences :
-I organized the work and the team on religious painting sits, churches
-I had to teach visual art for secondary school group , and I had to organize the lessons and the group of childrens.

Technical skills and competences:
Besides the technical skills needed for my basic activity, I am good at wooden furniture restoration and refurbishing
- I do normal painting and decoration

Computer skills and competences:
-Good knowledge of standard office software- Word, Power Point, including e-mail and internet,
-good knowledge of Corel and Adobe Photoshop software).

Other skills and competences:
Since 2003 I have a hairdressing licence, and I do practice this as a part time job

Driving licence
I have driving licence

Additional information
Personal interests: International Culture, old piece of small furniture restoration

Portfolio on web

Personal Photo Exhibition in a pub, 'DECOR'