vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

Photo Project"Personal Enclosures"- Master thesis

„Personal enclosures”

Its been 18 years since Romanian Revolution , since the communist system has been replaced with the capitalist one, since we acceded to new. It seems that some things change very hard. Although the communist regime during Ceausescu’s dictatorship belong to the past, it is yet alive in many peoples soul. The indulgency of our society keeps his memory alive by leaving untouched lots of habitual elements that surround us.

Every one of us keeps inside the past brand remembered…The photos from this series wants to bring into the light what we normally keep deep inside, into the soul, the invisible part of our personality. I think that the main appropriation for the past regime is about enclosures, frustrations, setbacks. Each work from this series tries a visual metaphor meant to provoke each one to analyze its own “personal enclosures”

Un comentariu:

  1. interesant a iesit combinarea trupului cu blocurile si tot ce tine de aceasta lume din ce in ce mai de fateta. Un trup inchis in propria lume care incearca sa evadeze si sa exprime prin simbolistica si luscruri atent alese.